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Lavaredo 2015

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Tic-tock went the church bells as Lavaredo Ultra Trail took off at 11 pm on a Friday evening in downtown Cortina. It wasn’t quite raining on this balmy eve, clouds swirling, allowing the sky’s glimmering Friday night lights to peak through, providing ideal conditions to lead us on our way. Dramatic music played in the […]


2015 Transvulcania

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The nice thing about my brain is that I forget easily. Well Transvulcania has come and gone. I had a rough go at it, but that moment has passed and now I’m focusing on the next race at hand, Lavaredo. Okay, actually I’ll just be focusing on my next run, trying to keep improving while […]

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Acceptance – Hardrock 100

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If Light is in your heart, you will find your way home.  ~Rumi Blog en español a continuación thanks to corrextuvida.com. Accepting ones misery as I lay upon a junk-pile filth-ridden pad down by the river was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to wrap my mind around. “What the fuck just happened,” I pondered […]

Transvulcania 2014

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Transvulcania 2014 You know you’ve been living in a good place when it’s hard to leave. I came here to race Transvulcania, which was good, but I was also able to enjoy the island for three weeks with my family which is better than any race. La Palma is a magical place and we were […]