2015 Transvulcania

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The nice thing about my brain is that I forget easily. Well Transvulcania has come and gone. I had a rough go at it, but that moment has passed and now I’m focusing on the next race at hand, Lavaredo. Okay, actually I’ll just be focusing on my next run, trying to keep improving while […]


MS Run the US

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Today I woke up loving life, smiling, anticipating the moment later in the day I get to lace up my TNF shoes and go for a good run. I’m blessed to have my body work well most days. Most of my injuries and niggles are self-inflicted running issues. While others don’t have a choice, their […]


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It’s a thing: what would i do. #wwid 😉 By wwid, I mean, take ownership for yourself and stop worrying about what other people are doing. Make the best choice and think “what would i do”. Sometimes it’s hard to take responsibility for yourself. You feel as if you don’t know the correct path, but […]