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  1. Hi Tim! My name is Nancy Shura-Dervin. I am a very good friend of Shannon FG. We used to run and crew together but these days she’s in a different kind of race, as you probably know. In fact just last week I had the pleasure of meeting Krista and your little son at Shan’s house. I am a former ultra runner and finally retired being that I am now in my 60s. I am also founder and coach for the UltraLadies; I train women to complete their first ultra at Bulldog 50k, for which I am RD. I hope you will accept my invite to run Bulldog some day. The course is in Calabasas and is a great little race with about 200 in the 50k with CR of 3:31:31, and about 350 in the 25K. Happy trails! NSD

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I’ve heard great things about the Bulldog 50k and am looking forward to checking out more of those fun trails. I’ll check the date on the race -not sure it will work this year- but down the road I would love to.
      Thank you so much for the invite.

      All the best,

  2. I’d like to say thanks for your blog, for taking the time give us a small glimpse into your running world. Myself, like many of us who choose to run all day, also came for a life of excessive ‘recreational abuse’. I don’t think anybody around me gets it. At 52 it’s hard for me to put into words what it does for me. I’m so happy I stumbled into this thing we call Ultra Running. It’s good for the soul, take it easy brother and thanks again.

  3. Hi Tim,
    my name is Martin and now I am writing book about ketogenic diet and low-carb nutrition. I also write about connection between sport and keto/low-carb. In my book there are chapters about Dr. Attia, Ben Greenfield, Barry Murray, Kevin Grabowski, Zach Bitter and also about you. Now I am in connection with Kevin, Zach and Ben.

    I have read your blog but personal contact is much better.

    At first, I would like to know If you are in ketosis or If you are measuring ketones in some way?

    And how many carbs you eat daily (In free day and training day)? Jeff Volek mentioned you as low-carb athlete.

    And other question is about FASTER study. Did you participate there?

    Thank you and I would very appreciate answers

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