Western States 100M

Believe in yourself, believe in love, believe in the positive, believe in the impossible, don’t ever give up, and the next thing you know you might just find yourself running a 100 miles!

Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 100M

I couldn’t form the words, “I quit”, so I marched on; figured I would suffer and contemplate life just a little more.

Be peace like a river, flow from your soul.

Transgrancanaria 125K

Every new day is a beautiful day to be alive and if you decide you want to do something, well, you should do it with your whole heart.

Lavaredo - Dolomites, Italy

The key is to transform my run into what it should be; just a moment, perfect as is, where my content heart can flow, ever settling & expanding in gratitude.

Run Mindful Retreats

Bring your running mindfulness beyond the trails, into an intentional, conscious part of mindfulness in your daily life.

Running Videos

I had a wonderful time in the alps. Here’s some great footage thanks to Bob & Debbie Loomis. Happy to be able to share my experience with you. Enjoy!