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2014 Race Schedule – Moving and Grooving

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Well we’ve been on the move for the last 6th months. Much has happened, we’ve met some amazing people and enjoyed beautiful landscapes. We are now in Southern California and enjoying daily runs with sunshine in January, pretty damn amazing and maybe something we’ll have to get use too…:-) The people have been incredible here and i’m looking forward to exploring the trails with them. A few amazing people even opened their homes to us. THANK YOU so much, Dave n Maggie, The Coolie’s and to Shannon n Barry!

Timothy Olson at Mt Baldy.

1st Baldy ascent of the New Year.

The last few months have been a whirlwind, all the traveling and racing caught up to me and my mind and body were not happy. I took some much needed time off running and really any strenuous activity; I concentrated on what I put in my body and made more time for meditation, now I’m feeling in a much better space and ready to see what 2014 has in store. Now that I’ve listened to my body and feel rested I’m gradually running again and gaining fitness. It’s hard work, but getting back in shape is a lot of fun. I feel sluggish at times, but it’s just the slow process of getting back into top form and staying injury free.

These first two weeks of the New Year has been filled with many fun runs. Dominic Grossman has been an amazing LA tour guide and an enjoyable friend to log some miles with. The Los Angeles area has so many amazing trails and mountains to explore. The San Gabriel Mountains are heaven. I’ve been to the top of Mt Baldy, which reaches 10,064ft with 5,700ft of ascent in 6.5 miles, love it! My other new favorite trail is up to Mt Wilson which summits at 5,700ft with 4,700ft of ascent in 7 miles. I’ve done numerous runs, from my first run back to LA to the top of Twin Peaks and Mt Waterman to beach running in Hermosa Beach. From speedy runs on the beach to big climbs in the mountains, all these runs will come in handy as I prep for Hard Rock and other demanding mountain races come this summer. But most of all, I’m enjoying running and feeling free.

Timothy Olson running San Gabriel Mountains.

Speaking of racing, it’s not set in stone, but my 2014 race schedule looks like this…

2014 Race Schedule

2/1 Sean O’Brien 50M Los Angeles, CA
3/1 Transgrancanaria Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
4/12 Lake Sonoma 50M Headsburg, CA
5/10 Transvulcania 83K La Palma, Canary Islands
7/11 Hardrock 100M Silverton, CO
8/29 UTMB 100M  Chamonix, FR
10/24 La Diagonale Des Fous 164K Saint Pierre, Reunion
12/6 TNF Championship San Francisco, CA
  • Sean O’Brien in February as a fun run and an early season long day of running.
  • Transgrancanaria in March in the Canary Islands, I’m really looking forward to this early season trip to the beautiful Island of Gran Canaria.
  • Lake Sonoma in April, again as a fun run and getting to see all my favorite US peeps.
  • Transvulcania in May in the Canary Islands, one of my favorite races from last year in a beautiful spot with amazing people.
  • Hardrock in July, which will be my main focus, I will probably think of this run daily until race morning. I can’t wait to be in these beautiful mountains, running a race with the ethos I believe in. Enjoying mountain running in all its glory, taking all the beauty of the San Juan’s in and becoming a better person through the process. This will be a journey of a lifetime and I can’t wait to be a part of the Hardrock family.
  • UTMB in August in the Alps, if I can heal up properly, I have unfinished business here. I had a rough day out there last year, but somehow struggled my bones in. This year, I’m hoping some course knowledge will help me get around that massive mountain a few minutes faster.
  • Grand Raid Reunion, La Diagonal De Fou in October if my body can cooperate. This race looks incredible and one I hope to enjoy this year or in years to come.

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Sean O/'Brien 50M: 34.135360, -118.702639
Transgrancanaria 125K: 28.068700, -15.694045
Lake Sonoma 50M: 38.700516, -123.016663
Transvulcania 100K: 28.657722, -17.912202
Hardrock 100M: 37.811941, -107.664506
UTMB 100M: 45.923890, 6.868059
La Diagonale Des Fous 164K: -21.274346, 55.517292


All in all, I’m very excited for this year, putting forth intentions of focus, strength, health and living joyful in each moment. Every moment is new and a chance to be the best I can be. Putting forth these intentions I hope to manifest thee impossible, I hope to be the silent observer, working hard and staying focused.

peace. timothy

P.S. Hope you enjoy the new design of my blog thanks to my lovely wife!

24 thoughts on “2014 Race Schedule – Moving and Grooving

  1. Great schedule. And you’re giving yourself some time to recover. My only complaint is you aren’t returning to Speedgoat here in Utah again! It was so fun to see you do so well at it last year, and meet you in person. And I think you’re wise to not become obsessed with winning Western States every year, and instead move around and try a bunch of races. I

  2. That is one sweet blog sit, great job, Krista! The race schedule looks pretty awesome too:) I am happy to see you’ll be skipping WS100 to focus well on HR100. So curious to see what can be done, same direction…I was crewing and pacing the year Kyle ran away like a hippy boy he is now, free-spirited and calm. Those are mountains to love and respect. I miss them so much…

  3. Whoa! That’s a dream schedule! See you at SO50, and I’m sure you’re gonna have a great season! So happy to have you say good things about Wilson! I love that mountain. Cucamonga (near Baldy) is another great run in the foothills here in SoCal.
    Peace & chicken grease! -Vince

  4. Hey Tim,

    Great race schedule! I hope, you will have a great race at Hardrock and UTMB.

    And one question: do you maybe have the second picture in a better resolution – I would love to print it for my new appartment – it looks awesome.

    Thank you and all the best!

  5. Diagonale des fous… now you’re talking sense :) try to get there a few weeks ahead and get around on the trails a bit! fantastic island, gorgeous mountains, great food, best pineapples ever

  6. Amazingly impressive series of races, Tim, what a calendar! You will speak French fluently by the end of the year! 😉 All the best for having fun and success in these highly competitive fields.

  7. Hi Timothy, your races, awesome, may be with tony at Gran Canaria, with Rob Krar ?? at transvulkania, with Kilian at Hardrock, with Tony at UTMB ?? I am so exciting what you guys are doing out there, you are so much inspiring to all of us, have good year,
    take care thomas

  8. Great post, great plan for year, great blog! I remember seeing you pass me last year on the comeback from the turnaround in LS50, and you did not look happy — so I’m wishing for you a positive, redemptive run there, as well as an amazing Hardrock.

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