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Half Dome

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When I first started trail running I was going to massage school and trying desperately to memorize and understand every bone and muscle in the human body. I would take anatomy flash cards with me on long runs and tune into my body trying to comprehend how this system could flow seamlessly and move so well sometimes and other times feel like a broken down jalopy. After time I understood more about my body; through much field testing and injuries I eventually learned to run by feel. Feeling within my body and connecting my breath and energy to the vast network of energy all around me, I connected with this every step as I explored our lush-green forest through trails in my backyard of the Siskiyou mountains. Each run inspired a deeper passion to nature as I was fascinated with this connection between my mind and body and how it flowed with everything around me. I was infatuated with running through the forest and up mountains which turned into my daily routine.

As I tuned in with my body on long runs, it was always intriguing to me to see where the mind would go. I would think about everything and then other times nothing and would eventually tap into this zen state of no mind, flowing up n down, in tune within, feeling peaceful yet wild and absolutely free. This is one of the main reasons I run and over the years I’ve learned to tap into this more and more whether I’m running, hiking by myself, with my wife, son or with new and old friends.

Sometimes I would run and think, which can be a great way to work out worries, work or other life stresses; other times I would run with a quiet mind feeling the stillness within, even while running at a decent clip. Other times I’d listen to music, on occasion even listen to an audio book. One day when I went for a really long run up to Mt Ashland, I listened to a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. His words spoke deeply to me, opening my mind by pointing out ideas my inner self already knew. The ideas resonated within me, bringing awareness to each moment and living fully there. From that moment on, I tried to run with a greater intention, living consciously and fully immersed in the “now”. Living more mindfully took patience and is a lesson I’ll always be learning. I would go from moments of complete zen, to moments of frustration with my mind fixated on thoughts or feelings that did not have much purpose and would repeat over and over. I would judge myself and become frustrated. How could one moment I be the sweetest man alive and the next be frustrated and angry at the random dog that seamed to go kamikaze at my legs? Over time and many setbacks, I’ve learned to just let things flow, focus on the present moment and let thoughts and emotions arise, just being aware of them, non judgmental but simply consciously curious.

This all leads to how I run now and my intentions for 2015. Our minds and emotions take us on a roller-coaster daily and through this ride I’m continually remembering to just observe and be the awareness, and not define who I am through the emotions that can arise. It is okay that sometimes I’m not conscious or present, and I’ll accept every moment, as it may be, and show myself kindness, compassion and patience. I’ve learned to just be me, continually growing, trying to be the best person I can be. Focusing on my breath, knowing life is beautiful as is and feeling my body’s aliveness as I move smiling at the present moment.  This mindfulness practice has helped my daily life and running tremendously and I would love to share some of my thoughts and intentions with you at our Run Mindful Retreats this summer.

As a long distance runner or hiker who spends all day in nature, pushing your personal limits and feeling that connection to the earth and everything in it, you are already an experienced, mindful runner. You have already experienced the awe of a sunrise or sunset, the flow of a run or hike that made every worry fade away, the overwhelming power of emotions when finishing your longest or hardest distance and those times you just want to smile and wish the whole world to have a wonderful day. We all have these blissful moments and I want to help you take that peace and serenity from the trails and mold that feeling into each moment of your daily life. We want to bring your running mindfulness beyond the trails, into an intentional, conscious part of mindfulness in your daily life.

The Run Mindful Retreats will consists of beautiful runs in Boulder, Colorado and other places we love with an emphasis on healthy, delicious whole food, and workshops on mindfulness for on the trail and off.

Run Mindful Retreats will bring together people who love nature and running/hiking. The primary topic is mindfulness, being taught through a shared love of trails. We will not focus on how to run or topics like running form, performance nutrition, racing, increasing speed; those talks will happen organically but the emphasis will be on running/hiking in the present moment and bringing that serenity from the trails to everyday life.

We will be doing epic long runs/hikes and an introductory exploration of mindfulness and include formats such as presentations, hands-on workshops, informal Q&As, personal self-reflection and guided meditation. Examples of topics include:

  • Accepting Pain and Transmuting it into Presence
  • Connection to Nature
  • Mindful Eating
  • Intro to Meditation
  • Running in the Now
  • Poor Trail Etiquette and how to transform it into Inner Peace

It would be an honor to share some of these thoughts and ideas with you at our Run Mindful Retreats. Sharing memories together and growing as people in a society where we need more love, less judgment and more smiles and laughter. We are the medicine this world needs, so let’s come together and share our passions, freeing ourselves and embarking on a lifestyle of mindful happiness.

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24 thoughts on “Run Mindful Retreats

  1. Hi, Tim. I’m a trailrunner living in Japan. Love this post. I really feel sympathy with what you said. You should come to Japan (Of course, with your family!). You may feel good sympathy with us. We are looking forward to seeing you in Japan. Have a good trails!

    1. O-show,
      Thank you for the kind words,

      I hope to visit Japan one day soon. Possibly next year. I look forward to running with new friends and enjoying the mountains there.

      All the best to you. Maybe a visit to the U.S. some day :-)


  2. Wow. This is truly amazing.
    I am a long time zen/mindfulness practitioner and nature boy who just found trail running in 2014 and it has solidified and deepened my life in unexpected ways. What you are proposing to teach and share here is far more important than most may first realize.
    Many blessings to you and it is my sincerest hope that our paths my cross one day. Thanks for being who you are.

  3. Hey Timothy. I was so happy when I saw this post! I am an anthropology student and an enthusiastic trailrunner from Denmark. I arrived in Boulder last week to do my master thesis fieldwork on trailrunners and their relation to nature, and to enjoy your lovely (but very snowy) trails. What inspired me to do my fieldwork here in Boulder among runners, is the special bond between runners and nature that you describe in this post. I will be here until the 10th of June, and I really hope that I will be able to attend your running retreat. Do you know when it will be?

  4. Dear Timothy,

    About three years ago my boyfriend started to run. Now he’s on the ultra marathon level and this year he wants to do some starts abroad. He’s big fan of you. And when he itroduced you to me I started to be also big fan. We love how you presents yourself and you´re inspiring for us. We also admire your achivements :-)!

    Now to my question he’s going to have a birthday soon (August) and I want to give him some suprising present- I was thinking about to collect signed photos of his running idols. So do you think you can help me with it? And that it will be even possible?

    For example if I give you my adress and you’ll send on it? Your promo photo with personal signature and for example with funny message for him. I’ll pay all the postal costs and everithink :-) But I think if it happens, he will pee in his pants after I get him this surprise 😀

    Thank so much when you find some time to answer me.

    Diana Weinfurtova
    (Czech Republic, middle europe)
    Have a great season 2015

    1. For sure, I would love to help out. I don’t have any photos of me but if you like you can print one out and send it to me and I’ll send back.
      If possible, direct message me on Facebook and I can give you my email and we can coordinate.

      All the best to you and your family.


  5. Dear Tim,

    What a great project! From the moment I heard you quote Thich Nhat Hanh on one of your interviews, I knew I had found a kindred spirit halfway around the world :-)

    I wish you all the best with this retreat. Keep doing what you’re doing. And I hope you can come run in the rainforests of Singapore some day! (Or maybe one day I’ll get to run UTMB at the same time as you)

    – David
    “I have arrived, I am home. In the here, and in the now. I am solid, I am free. In the ultimate I dwell.”

    1. So much appreciated, thank you for your kind words. That quote is so beautiful, I repeat it all the time.
      All the best to you and your family. I hope to run in Singapore one day, it looks beautiful. Maybe I’ll have the chance to run with you one day.
      Many blessings,

  6. Timothy,
    I can’t tell you how much I think I need this retreat! You have been so inspiring with how you got into ultra running and how much it means to you on all levels. As soon as the registration opens for the June session I hope I can get in. Hope to see you in June!

  7. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a coward. You never want to feel like I’m afraid, I’m scared, that’s when you start to die.-Perry Ferrell. Mr. Olson kindly let me join “Team Timmy” last summer in Ouray at mile 42 and I have been a member ever since for life. That was shortly before the trash nap! So happy to know that the Olson’s exist. Team, family, luv, inspiration. All that blonde hair makes me smile! In June we will become together. You have a friend in Aspen, scottyO

    1. ScottyO
      You’ll always be apart of our team, thanks for all your love and support. See you in June!

  8. Listening to your Interview on Ginger Runner and truly appreciate your speaking about mindfulness in running and life. I try to be more mindful in every thing I do… which is so hard. Curious if you have visited or familiar with the Shambhala Mountain Center? I read (need to reread soon) “Running with the Mind of Meditation” by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and found it very insightful and useful.
    Peace to you and your Family,
    Bryan from Medway MA

    1. Hi Bryan, I have not been to the Shambhala Mountain Center but definitely hope to visit it sometime soon. I have read “Running with the Mind of Meditation” and I also found it to be very insightful…definitely a book worth reading a second time. I hope that you might be able to join us at one of our future retreats! Be well, Timothy

  9. I am the Race Director for a small mindfulness runner’s retreat in Sand Springs, OK. I’d love to hear about your retreats and experiences with mindfulness.


    Tim Maddox

    1. Hi Tim, That’s great that you also are spreading the word on mindfulness and running in OK! Through my personal experience and our retreats, I’ve found that exploring mindfulness through running/hiking in nature is a wonderful introduction. The Run Mindful Retreats so far have been amazing – life changing for us as well as our participants. I’m hoping to do a follow-up blog on the Run Mindful Retreats, so stay tuned! If you have any specific questions about the Run Mindful Retreats, do also feel free to email us at Peace, Timothy

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